We are more capable than we think we are

Our website and services are supposed to be rolled out in the 3rd quarter of the year, but right now it’s served to you. 

This COVID pandemic is not all hopeless. In fact, brushing away the juicy negative news all over, I see people stepping out of their comfort zone and doing things to make theirs and everyone’s else life better. My brother finally opens his brokerage account because the stock market is having a “sale”. Coaches going online to teach their students (ohhh, isn’t that what we are doing too?). A lot of actions are being taken to still have a fulfilling life.

Humans are creatures of comfort and let to our own, the tendency is to get comfortable. But in times of crisis, even the laziest human can ride to the occasion. Think José Salvador Alvarenga who survived lost at sea for 14months. An urban man can build a shelter in the wilderness if forced into circumstances. Chris Gursky held on to his dear life on a hang glider because his safety harness was not hooked in. There are so many examples of seemingly unassuming people going all out to help people in need 

In our instances, we found out we can design a webpage, come out with contents, arrange our programs and get everything rolling (within a month! Yes, we have surprised ourselves too.) because we know that everyone needs help now. Getting lost in what to do for training to keep a sane mind? We are here to help. And on our end, I’m not going say we are saints. At this point of time where our physical business is affected as well, we managed to get over our love of sleep and worked feverishly (ok, no physical fever) to present to you our baby.

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