We are Coach Jay and Jasmine.
We believe in challenging status quo to unleash the potential that lies within you.

The term “Potential” can have different definitions to every individual; and it all depends on the goals they want to achieve:

  • to achieve feats like one-arm handstand or backflips, or
  • to stay at top of your game, recover and train better, or
  • to get out of pain and return to past activities without pain

We understand you.

You may not be the best but only by putting yourself in situations where you aren’t most skilled, you get to learn, grow, adapt and become the best of you.

In CoachJayJasmine, you find yourself in the environment of no limitations and no fear. As we have always been learning from teachers in various disciplines, we understand how it feels to start from the bottom, without prior knowledge or skillset. Our ability to empathise (not sympathise) allows us to be very strategic in layering your program so you can progress closer to your goal, a step at a time.

We do not believe in commanding or belittling you because we understand you and are appreciative of playing a role in your journey to challenge the status quo and hence, unleashing the potential that lies within you.

We solve your problems together.

Each student of ours faces problems that obstruct that their progress. As a problem solver, we believe in exploring many fields and disciplines to widen our perspectives and knowledge. We believe that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions.

Our exploration in disciplines – from Gymnastics, Pilates, Muay Thai, Parkour to Barefoot Research, Women’s Wellness, Psychology – let us see that truth is multi-sided. We shed our ego and do not force our solutions onto our students. So beyond getting their problems solved, our students are also given an opportunity to play a role in understanding and solving their problems from different perspectives.

One similarity in the testimonials from our students, whether they are athletes, mothers, desk-bound workers or elderly suffering from Osteoporosis is that:

 They have all achieved something they never thought they could do in their life.

And this is a result of combining different and USEFUL techniques into a detailed, progressive program, catering to the needs and capabilities of our students.​

And we are proud to say that our students are unleashing their potential – winning their battles in their very unique ways.

Learn more about our Personal Training Program

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