Core Values

Our core values are fundamental to what we stand for, and also serve as our guiding principles in our teaching approach.


When you speak, we genuinely listen, understand and experience your feelings.
Learning good habits are crucial to improve the current you. We recognise the mental state of mind plays a crucial part in physical training as well. Our ability to empathise and understand pushes you through your tough spots, while provided you a strong support system at the same time.

Overcome Barriers

No two people are alike; the emotional and mental barriers that each person develops over time are unique – something that outsiders do not seem to comprehend.
We, Jay and Jasmine, acknowledge that everyone has their own style in learning and processing information. Hence, as our sessions progress, you will see us adjusting our approaches in teaching and communicating accordingly to how you learn and grow.


We are all still learning and improving as we progress. The more we uncover, the more questions there are to be answered. Whenever possible, we will answer and guide you to the best of our capabilities; if there is something is out of our circle of competence, we will be honest as well. We do not pretend to bombard you with too much technical jargon to hide our ignorance (In a way, we, Jay and Jasmine nicely compliment each other in this aspect).


We are accountable for your progress and our own actions. We do not condone the ‘peel the onion’ approach, by progressing you extremely slowly just so we can collect your fees for eternity. If you have the potential to improve fast, we will find means and way to guide you safely in the right direction. In fact, we are proud to see you progress faster than ourselves as that means we have successful shortened the learning curve for you. This also keep us accountable to constantly learn and improve so we can always deliver the best!


While we acknowledge no matter how we like something, there are days when you wake up on the wrong side of bed and just do not want to do anything; but we will do our best to make it as light hearted (nope, not light training), so you finish with a rejuvenated mind (can’ say the same for the physical body though)!

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