Back Pain

Ache & Pain can create fear in moving, especially if you do not know what triggers the pain, or when the next attack would be.

In worldwide, lower back is the single leading cause of disability, preventing people from engaging work and daily activities.

The back is a complicated structure of bones, joints, ligaments and muscles. There can be many reasons resulting in lower back pain, such as herniated disk. While sports injuries or accidents can cause back pain, sometimes the simplest movement like bending down to tie shoelaces can also have painful consequences.

Most back pain are resulted from an accumulations of poor movements and bad habits such as:
1. Heavy lifting, pulling or twisting of spine without posture awareness
2. Sedentary lifestyle
3. Overdoing your workout (esp. if you have been sedentary in most days)
4. Poor posture

For fast results, it is important to get an evaluation to determine the cause for your symptoms. Essential components of managing this condition include improving the balance of strength and motion of the back, and any posture dysfunctions.

In our Personal Training sessions, you and I will investigate the possible causes of pain. Using exercises and various therapies, we minimise the pain and gain control over it – to regain confidence in moving and enjoying your favourite activities pain-free!

Below are the progress shown by KC who seeks Personal Trainings from me to relieve the sciatica pain that shoots down from his lower back to his leg, due to his slipped disc. Thanks to his diligence, he is no longer suffering from the pain (and he has avoided surgery!). And, he is now pursuing runs and hikes which he previously couldn’t enjoy.

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When I first met KC, he told me had difficulties in standing for too long. I didn’t realise how serious it is until he started having pain shooting down the leg from lower back within 10 minutes of chatting while standing. He had slipped disc since 10 years back, and pain has never left him. Despite being encouraged to undergo surgery, he made a decision that was life-changing for him – using exercises as a form of recovery. He understood the fact that his pain will return after surgery if he doesn’t change his poor habits and strengthen necessary muscles to protect his lower back while carrying heavy things or run. We first worked intensively on his core and hip stabilisers to keep his lower back safe from impact. When he gained more confidence in the condition of his lower back, and felt ready to start running, I began to train him like how I train my runners. Through our trainings, he learns about the concept of fascial tensioning which dampens the impact force vibrations from the ground (protecting his spine), and store the potential energy to release it as elastic energy on the counter movement. Over time, he began to update me, ‘Now, when I go for runs and hikes, I can feel my glutes working. No lower back pain at all! When KC first came, he just want to get rid of his lower back pain. Now, he is exploring more sports that can push his limits because he is now equipped with the knowledge and muscle memory to protect himself.

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