Core & Joint Instability

Core and Joint instability can contribute to sports injuries. They make you less resistant to injuries; and the lack of control limits your speed and range of motion.

Such instabilities can create further conditions like:
1. Muscle strains and tightness
2. Degenerative disc
3. Joint dislocations and subluxation
4. Spondylolisthesis
5. Osteoarthritis

For students of such conditions, I focus on:
1. Stability strength (Piling up dynamic muscle strengthening without building stability strength deep within will only tax or compress your spine or joints)
2. Strength and Conditioning
3. Active Stretching (Building strength to manage your flexibility – especially important for very flexible people)

Below is a journey for my student who is a dancer. Her flexibility is a gift, but without stability in her spine and core, it can also cause pain at every twist and bend. As a dancer, Sarah cannot let such pain limit her training and performance, and thus, she is now doing Personal Training to fix her back.

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