Postural Dysfunction

Rounded shoulder, neck ache, headaches, lower back ache… sounds familiar? All these symptoms are running rampant in today’s society because of sedentary lifestyle, and poor posture in standing and sitting.

Do you know that with every inch the head moves forward, another 4.5kg of weight strains the neck? Over time, this will deform the spine, reduce the lung capacity and increase mortality rate. Intervertebral disks would be compressed which cause back problems (such as herniated or degenerative disk) or nerve problems (such as sciatica or pinched nerve).

For fast results, it is important to get an evaluation to determine the cause for your symptoms. Essential components of managing this condition include stretching and strengthening exercises that targets rounded shoulders and forward head posture (commonly known as “Upper Crossed Syndrome”), as well as lower back pain, knee pain and tight hips (commonly caused by “Lower Crossed Syndrome”).

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