Scoliosis, an abnormal sideways (lateral) curvature of the spine, will put undue stress of the spinal column and lead to spinal osteoarthritis and other degenerative disc diseases.

Jasmine suffered from scoliosis since teenage days. With pain in her right lower back and left shoulder and neck, she strongly empathise her peers who also suffer from scoliosis. Without guidance and relevant knowledge, Jasmine tried many forms of treatments (including exercise!) which, unfortunately, did not give her long time relief from pain. At the age of 23, Jasmine began her education on Movement Anatomy and Prehabilitation. She is now able to create strategy for her daily lifestyle to prevent aggravation of scoliosis. She also emphasise the importance of stretching and strengthening the CORRECT muscles to prevent aches and pains.


In the first class, Jasmine will analyse your condition (Strength and Mobility) from exercises. With a clear guide of your Strength, Weaknesses, Tightness and Flexibility, Jasmine will craft a program that is specially designed for you.

The purpose is to:
1. Realign your spine,
2. Reduce pressure from nervous system

With the following methods:
1. Increase range of motion,
2. Strengthen and stabilise the muscles around your spine,
3. Strengthen and stabilise the muscles that improves your posture in sitting and standing,
4. Create strategies and change habits to input into your lifestyle to prevent aggravation of scoliosis.

Why should I be bothered about my Scoliosis?

In order to compensate for being out of balance, your body will make several adjustment which result in:

1. Uneven hips (causing hip degeneration problems like arthritis)
2. Poor balance
3. Pain and weakness in the lower limbs (due to pressure on sciatica nerve)
4. Reduce one’s height (as the spinal alignment creates abnormal twists in the body)
5. Nerve interference to your vital organs and muscles

You will be more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

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