Jasmine suffered from scoliosis since teenage days. With pain in her right lower back and left shoulder and neck, she strongly empathise her peers who also suffer from scoliosis. Without guidance and relevant knowledge, Jasmine tried many forms of treatments (including exercise!) which, unfortunately, did not give her long time relief from pain. At the age of 23, Jasmine began her education on Movement Anatomy and Prehabilitation. She continued her studies on Scoliosis, learning from Scoliosis experts around the world to discover methods to alleviate the pain and aches that Scolios suffers from.

Studies from 1950s onwards have proved that exercises corrects scoliosis. In that case, why is exercise not widely recognised as a method? That is because the right exercises have to be used. A general exercise may not be useful to manage Scoliosis or possibly made it worse. But, with right exercises, studies have proven that it is a viable option to manage scoliosis.


The purpose is to:
1. Alleviate pains and aches
2. Realign your spine towards neutral

With the following methods:
1. Breathing into concavity
2. Elongating the spine
3. Strengthen and stabilise the muscles to hold your spine in neutral
4. Create strategies and change habits to input into your lifestyle to prevent aggravation of scoliosis.

You will be more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

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