Adult Gymnastics

People of any age can learn gymnastics, as long as you understand the principle of the skills, and have work up the progressions diligently.

Starting Gymnastics 9 years back at an advanced age of 28 years old, this experience gave Jay an insight into the abilities and restrictions of doing Gymnastics as an adult. He, himself has experienced roadblocks as he develops his skills, both physically and mentally. His experience of teaching both recreational and competitive young gymnasts has also developed his skills and knowledge in training an adult for gymnastics.

In our sessions together, we first will work towards the basic list of gymnastics moves like handstands, forward and backward rolls progressively, to build up on your physical strength and spatial awareness. From there, we start to expand to skills you are keen on learning. That way you have a strong physical base to execute more complex movement as we progress!

Below is a journey of Eki, a mother of 3 grown children, who are no longer motivated by mindless sets and reps, and is now looking for meaningful trainings to satisfy her curiosity of learning new movements at her current graceful age!

By going through the bare basics, we strip down the exercises she have been doing for ages, and allowing her to observe details in them. From there we build on the exercises with supplementary drills to let her understand the reason why we pay attention to the various details, and progress her towards the gymnastics skills. After 2.5 years, Eki is doing handstands, cartwheels, and front flips, to name a few, and is churning out multiple reps of chin ups! She is still adding more moves to her repertoire, to prove that age is just a number, and a positive mindset is key to achieving abilities outside the social norm!

Eki once told me she feel younger after every session, as she gets to learn new movements, and feel like a child! See, the power of curiosity!

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