Strength and Conditioning

A decent amount of Strength, coupled with the ability to exert it, is the fundamentals of all movement. Have a good grasp of it, and you will find yourself enjoying a broad spectrum of discipline because you simply take to them like fish to water.


Moves popularized by the Calisthenic folks- Muscle-ups, Front and back lever, Single-Leg squats, Handstands push-ups are part of the program, but not exhaustive. Learn how to train and get stronger with just your body weight, and whatever you have around you. Advantages of it? Not only do you get stronger, but you also increase your movement repertoire and adaptability by not being restricted to “equipment”…

Along with conditioning exercises to strengthen your weakness, you will also discover your learning style and temperament, hence enabling you to know how to better approach your training (through communication with your main coach) and competitions with better efficiency…


“I have been training with Jay since 2015. I had very poor body awareness, mobility and flexibility and was prone to injuries, so much so that my orthopaedic surgeon commented that I was starting a collection. Under Jay’s patient coaching (and I’m a very slow learner), I’m amazed at how far I’ve progressed, looking back at what I couldn’t do 5 years ago to what I could achieve today, which I never thought was possible. Jay patiently taught me how to listen to my body while safely executing exercises within my abilities, always mindful of my history of injuries. His quirky humour and creativity in figuring out ways to help me understand and execute a move safely ensures that there’s never a dull or slack-off moment during training. I give 5 stars”

Amy Wong

My husband and I have been fortunate enough to train with Jay for almost two years.  Jay is a master at fitness programming as he has trained us throughout many different circumstances (in-person, virtually, powerpoint) and environments (fitness studio, gymnastics gym, outdoor, home gym) with great attention to detail and without compromising quality.  Jay focuses on the precision of movement and is very strategic how he layers the workout to ensure we meet our goals.  We look forward to every training session and would highly recommend!


You will be more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

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