Conditioning for Athletes

Not as simple as “keep training”. Athletes not only got to train hard, but they also got to have a strong mentality approaching a competition. Jay is versed in sports Psychology, certified by Sports Physc Consulting, a leading Sports Consulting firm that has prepared our athletes for major international Games. Along with conditioning exercises to strengthen your weakness, you will also discover your learning style and temperament, hence enabling you to know how to better approach your training (through communication with your main coach) and competitions with better efficiency.

*Do note, this program serves only to supplement your training. Your focus is still supposed to be the practice in your respective discipline.

Chris fell in love with Skiing ever since he tried it out, and have visited many countries during the skiing season to ski. However, due the many years of lower activity, skiing starts to put a strain on his ankle knees and hips, rendering him unable to squat deep and even have trouble putting on his ski boots. We start to resolve this by working on his lower body strength in all angles possible and getting them used to directional change.

Today he is able to enjoy his skiing holiday, and have the ability to challenge the higher level slopes.

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