Online Closed Group

Get Stronger and Healthier with your friends!


1. Handstand
2. Pilates
3. Bodyweight Strength & Conditioning
4. Stretch & Mobility

5. Full Body Workout with Chair & Towel


Working out with friends is way more fun!
In our Closed-group Classes, there are no strangers! Invite your friends to join you to get stronger and healthier!

PRICE: $70
No. of Pax: More than 3
Time & Date: Up to you!

You will be more powerful than you can possibly imagine.


“I have been training with Jay since 2015. I had very poor body awareness, mobility and flexibility and was prone to injuries, so much so that my orthopaedic surgeon commented that I was starting a collection. Under Jay’s patient coaching (and I’m a very slow learner), I’m amazed at how far I’ve progressed, looking back at what I couldn’t do 5 years ago to what I could achieve today, which I never thought was possible. Jay patiently taught me how to listen to my body while safely executing exercises within my abilities, always mindful of my history of injuries. His quirky humour and creativity in figuring out ways to help me understand and execute a move safely ensures that there’s never a dull or slack-off moment during training. I give 5 stars”

Amy Wong

I have trained with many personal trainers in the past but none has matched up to Jasmine.  She is knowledgeable, dedicated and a true professional. She customises programmes to suit my condition and has a deep understanding of my requirements.  Always cheerful and encouraging, her sessions are well-planned, progressive and enjoyable. She combines different techniques and is striving to make me stronger, more flexible and physically confident. Excellent at gauging my limits and an eye for detail, she always knows how hard to push.  I can now jog again, squat, and do a dead hang, amongst others! As a senior with osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, I am thrilled to bits with this improvement. Next up, boxing….! Thank you, Jasmine. You are a gem!

Wendy Lane

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