Personal Training

We don’t simply train you.
We coach and teach you.

what to expect?

Everyone’s capabilities and conditions are different when it comes to exercise. Discover how your habits, activities and injuries impact your training, and how you can improve on that to see faster results.

Goals have to be realistic to avoid burnt-out and discouragement. We not only help you set realistic goals – you will get a program with detailed progression to keep you going at a healthy pace.

GET A YOURS TRULY CUSTOMISED TRAINING PROGRAM. There are always going to be some exercises that you enjoy more than others, but those may not be the most suitable ones for you. We tailor your training program according to your needs while encouraging you to do the exercises that are best to achieve your goals. If you have injuries or physical limitations, Coach Jay and Jasmine’s years of coaching experience will tide you through this – your training program will be tailored to both accommodate your condition while still making the session helpful.


Our Personal Training is a consolidation of our years of experience in coaching, coupled with deep understanding of movement anatomy and psychology from both practitioner and teacher perspective. We always step outside of our comfortable domain so we can better understand people from all walks of life to help our students in achieving their goals. Injury management, Strength and Conditioning, Performance Enhancement and Adult Gymnastics are the main services we provide.

You will be more powerful than you can possibly imagine.


“I have been training with Jay since 2015. I had very poor body awareness, mobility and flexibility and was prone to injuries, so much so that my orthopaedic surgeon commented that I was starting a collection. Under Jay’s patient coaching (and I’m a very slow learner), I’m amazed at how far I’ve progressed, looking back at what I couldn’t do 5 years ago to what I could achieve today, which I never thought was possible. Jay patiently taught me how to listen to my body while safely executing exercises within my abilities, always mindful of my history of injuries. His quirky humour and creativity in figuring out ways to help me understand and execute a move safely ensures that there’s never a dull or slack-off moment during training. I give 5 stars”

Amy Wong

“Jasmine has looked after my fitness and well-being for over 2 years. Initially focusing on Pilates to achieve a greater level of Strength and flexibility, our sessions have become far more holistic covering stretching, cardiovascular, strengthening and my absolute favourite, boxing! Being a gentleman of a certain age, Jasmine has been exceptional in finding “work arounds” to my physical challenges, such as sore joints from arthritis, as and when required. Our sessions are always productive and most importantly fun! I can strongly recommend Jasmine as a thoughtful and innovative trainer. She’s certainly got me back on track!


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