Injury Management

Ache & Pain can create fear in moving, especially if you do not know what triggers the pain, or when the next attack would be.


While sports injuries or accidents can cause back pain, sometimes the simplest movement like bending down to tie shoelaces can also have painful consequences. Essential components of managing this condition include improving the balance of strength and motion of the back, and any postural dysfunctions…

While osteoporosis and osteoarthritis are two very different medical conditions with little in common, they share similar coping strategies. With either or both of these conditions, many people benefit from exercise programs that may include physical therapy and rehabilitation…

Shoulder injuries are serious business. Every movement can be extremely painful and restrictive, and makes it difficult to return to daily routines. For fast results, it is important to get an evaluation to determine the cause for your symptoms…

Essential components of managing this condition include stretching and strengthening exercises that targets rounded shoulders and forward head posture (commonly known as “Upper Crossed Syndrome”), as well as lower back pain, knee pain and tight hips (commonly caused by “Lower Crossed Syndrome”).


I have trained with many personal trainers in the past but none has matched up to Jasmine.  She is knowledgeable, dedicated and a true professional. She customises programmes to suit my condition and has a deep understanding of my requirements.  Always cheerful and encouraging, her sessions are well-planned, progressive and enjoyable. She combines different techniques and is striving to make me stronger, more flexible and physically confident. Excellent at gauging my limits and an eye for detail, she always knows how hard to push.  I can now jog again, squat, and do a dead hang, amongst others! As a senior with osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, I am thrilled to bits with this improvement. Next up, boxing….! Thank you, Jasmine. You are a gem!

Wendy Lane

“Jasmine has looked after my fitness and well-being for over 2 years. Initially focusing on Pilates to achieve a greater level of Strength and flexibility, our sessions have become far more holistic covering stretching, cardiovascular, strengthening and my absolute favourite, boxing! Being a gentleman of a certain age, Jasmine has been exceptional in finding “work arounds” to my physical challenges, such as sore joints from arthritis, as and when required. Our sessions are always productive and most importantly fun! I can strongly recommend Jasmine as a thoughtful and innovative trainer. She’s certainly got me back on track!


You will be more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

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