Shoulder Injury

Ache & Pain can create fear in moving, especially if you do not know what triggers the pain, or when the next attack would be.

Shoulder injuries are serious business. Every movement can be extremely painful and restrictive. You may have difficulty in combing your hair or putting on your shirt.

A shoulder injury also makes it difficult in returning to work, sports or daily routine, especially if it involves:
1. Heavy lifting
2. Using arms repetitively for reaching or lifting
3. Having arms overhead

It may also seem slow to heal if rehabilitation exercises are not done promptly and consistently. A common shoulder injury, that I see in my students, is shoulder impingement which usually results from:
1. Repetitive overhead movement
2. Compression to the shoulder with a fall or other trauma
3. Osteoarthritis
4. Weakness
5. Poor posture

For fast results, it is important to get an evaluation to determine the cause for your symptoms. Essential components of managing this condition include improving the balance of strength and motion of the shoulder, and any posture dysfunctions.

Below is a video by Mr. Robert White whom I have helped in healing his frozen shoulder (which has previously caused pain in lifting arms overhead). Robert now has better posture and also a good balance of strength and mobility in his upper body. Most importantly, he is out of pain and has returned to gym and cycling!

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